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First time surfers are encouraged to get an introductory hour-to-two hour lesson (no experience necessary): ages 10 and up.


We provide the surfboard, rash guard and one-on-one instruction.


We start off on the sand working on the basics, then move to the white water to practice your pop-ups. All this is done with a professional CPR certified instructor.


When you are comfortable, we then take you out to the line up to teach where to set up, paddle into the wave and ride the smooth face of the wave.


After your introductory lesson, you can practice on your own or come back for more sessions.


Group surfing sessions are a great way to have fun and encourage each other to improve.


As part of being in the South Beach Surf Club, you can call us for pointers and follow up classes at any time.


Because 11 months out of the year the South Beach water temperature is in the upper 70s (20 degrees Celsius), you may not even need a wetsuit.


Don't bring jewelry to the class, apply sunblock 30 minutes before and be on time. If you have a family member at the beach, we provide beach chairs, umbrellas and coolers to enjoy while you take your lesson.

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